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Demanding Career

If you are looking for demanding and self driven achievements in your career path, you are welcome to be a part of HT-Consult. Life at HT-Consult provides you opportunities to develop your skills and achieve fast career growth.

Each empowered employee generates positive energy by self-driven commitment to the company goals. At HT-Consult you will be part of a team where an individual and group, both are given proper attention to achieve what is being planned.

What We Promise

  • To work in close coordination with our clients for their global executive search requirements.
  • To provide value-added expertise during and after every assignment.
  • To execute each and every assignment diligently and with integrity.
  • To adhere to the strict norms of the client’s work culture and their code of ethics.
  • To thoroughly check short-listed candidates’ diligence.
  • To treat each and every candidate respectfully.
  • To provide guarantee period for each and every recruitment and selection.